Chuck Steeg


Offering creative solutions to challenges faced in the hospitality industry with expertise focusing on all aspects of vacation rental management.

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If you ask yourself these questions below and need help finding solutions, Chuck can help.

Strategic Planning Where are we now, where do we want to be and how are we going to get there? How can I create a winning corporate culture? What is the prize at the end of this race, and how do we sustain our energy to make it to the finish line? What matters most? I don't want to be just good, how can I be great? What should my benchmarks be, and how do I determine them? How do I keep score?
Operations How do I establish best industry practices for my housekeeping and maintenance teams? I'm wondering how to improve quality and raise the level of customer service we provide? Looking to gain efficiency and profitability, while not sacrificing customer service at the same time? How do I create those win / win relationships with owners, guests and vendors? How do I recruit the best of the best to achieve corporate goals? These processes are not working, what creative solutions do I need to implement to raise the customer service bar? How do I exceed expectations?
Marketing How do I find my niche in this vacation rental market place? What are the vulnerable areas of the market? Am I getting the best return for my marketing dollars? How do I gain more quality rental properties? What can I do to separate myself as a leader in this market? What should my long and short term marketing strategy be? I need a better online presence, what should I focus on? How can I move up in search result rankings without breaking the bank?
Development What are the best methods for training team members on best practices and customer service? I want to develop strong front line team members into leaders, what is the best way to do that? How do I decrease the use of sub-contractors while increasing quality levels, efficiency and market share? What can be done to grow leadership at a faster pace then the growth of the business? Which extra educational opportunities should I take advantage of to grow the team? Feedback and accountability - what, how and how often?
Technology What are the most important areas to focus on with my website? What technology tools will best serve me in raising customer service levels, profitability and efficiency? How do I get the most out of my call center? What software integrations will impact customer service and profitability the most? I want to create exclusive technology tools that focus on the way I do business, where do I start?
Sales Which methods should I implement to increase reservation sales? How do I optimize my rental rates to increase annual gross rent? How can I increase the reservation conversion rate? What should I do to increase online reservation sales? I want to create a competitive sales environment while maintaing a team atmosphere, what should I do? What add-ons will customers pay for? Am I measuring and celebrating all the right indicators? What can be done to increase ancillary sales? How do I best incentivize the team? How can I increase customer service and maintenance revenue at the same time?
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